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Tips for Writing a Nomination

Each year, we receive hundreds of nominations of people and organisations doing inspiring work. The Honour Awards is all about recognising individuals and groups from right across our community, including unsung heroes that deserve to be recognised but wouldn't normally be in the spotlight. This is the spirit of the Honour Awards - paying tribute to all kinds of community service, whether big or small. Nominations are a crucial part of the Honour Awards process, because it's all about community recognising community. 

So when putting forward your unsung community hero, here are some tips to make sure your nomination shines.


Tell us exactly why your nominee should get an Honour Award. What has the nominee accomplished? How has their work made an impact to the lives of LGBTQ people? What prompted you to submit your nomination? We want to hear about unsung heroes in our community, so it's important we have as much information about their achievements and/or service as possible.


The judging panel is made up of a diverse group of people from our communities. They come from all walks of life, work across a wide range of professions, and are or have been involved in many different community organisations. When submitting your nomination, it's important to consider an informed and engaged panel without specific knowledge of work histories. When mentioning an accolade that the nominee received, tell us about the importance of that award. When talking about programs the nominee was involved in, try to tell us about the outcome of that program and the impact it had on the community. 


For your nomination to shine, it needn't be long. Aim for quality not quantity. Detailed resumes provide only a glimpse of your nominee's work history but they don't get to the heart of their accomplishments. Of course, we would love to hear about the nominee's body of work as it relates to the nomination, but be sure to focus on the areas you are nominating them for. 


The judging panel welcomes any supporting material such as newspaper clippings, links to blogs/websites, photographs. But be sure these are relevant to your nomination. For example, if it was an article about the difference the nominee is making to their local community, or a letter of congratulations/thanks for their efforts, we'd love to see it. 


We look forward to receiving your nomination! Submit your nomination here.