The Honour Awards began in 2007 as a special event to acknowledge people who have displayed exceptional commitment to and leadership within the LGBTI community. From 2007 – 2009, winners were selected by the ACON Board. In 2010 the format of the awards changed with winners selected by a panel of judges made up of representatives from various community organisations, from a list of nominees put forward by the public.


  • Julie McCrossin and Robert French (President's Award)
  • Holly Conroy (Community Hero Award)
  • Liam Davies (Young Achiever Award)
  • PFLAG (Community Organisation Award)
  • Peter FitzSimons (Media Award)
  • Queerstories (Arts & Entertainment Award)
  • Samuel Leighton-Dore (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts)
  • Cristyn Davies (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Lizzie Griggs (HIV Hero)
  • Belloccio Restaurant (Business Award)

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  • CAMP Inc (President's Award)
  • Robyn Kennedy (Community Hero Award)
  • Bayvick Lawrance (Young Achiever Award)
  • The Equality Campaign and Human Rights Law Centre (Community Organisation Award)
  • Dr Shirleene Robinson (Media Award)
  • Mark Trevorrow (Arts & Entertainment Award)
  • Kim Leutwyler (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts)
  • Dr Allison Bielawski (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • David Crawford (HIV Hero)
  • Sax Leather (Business Award)


  • Professor David Cooper and The Kirby Institute (President's Award)
  • Elaine Czulkowski (Community Hero Award)
  • Mikhara Ramsing (Young Achiever Award)
  • Rainbow Families (Community Organisation Award)
  • Monique Schafter (Media Award)
  • The Red Rattler (Arts & Entertainment Award)
  • Guy James Whitworth (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts)
  • Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Dowson Turco Lawyers (Business Award)


  • NSW Parliamentary LGBTI Cross Party Working Group (President's Award)
  • Rev Dorothy McRae-McMahon (Community Hero Award)
  • Sally Rugg and Chris Pycroft (Young Achiever Award)
  • Mature Aged Gays (Community Organisation Award)
  • Patrick Abboud (Media Award)
  • New Theatre (Arts & Entertainment Award)
  • Lionel Bawden (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts)
  • Garry Trotter (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Claire’s Kitchen at Le Salon/Marc Kuzma (Business Award)


  • Levinia Crooks (President's Award)
  • Steph Sands (Community Hero Award)
  • Richard Ezomoh (Young Achiever Award)
  • Dykes on Bikes Sydney (Community Organisation Award)
  • Rick Feneley (Media Award)
  • Beccy Cole, & Holding The Man Cast & Crew (joint winners) (Arts & Entertainment Award)
  • Deborah Kelly (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts)
  • Anthony Venn-Brown (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Dowson Turco Lawyers (Business Award)


  • Staff and Patients of St Vincent's Hospital Ward 17 South (President's Award)
  • Cheryl 'Webby' Webster (Community Hero Award)
  • Brendan Maclean (Young Achiever Award)
  • Bingham Cup Sydney 2014 (Community Organisation Award)
  • Archer Magazine (Media Award)
  • John Frost (Arts & Entertainment Award)
  • Ash Golsby (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts)
  • Professor Andrew Grulich (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Hellfire Club (Business Award) 


  • Bill Bowtell (President's Award)
  • William Yang (Community Hero Award) 
  • Katherine Hudson and Scott Williams (Young Achiever Award)
  • Paul Capsis (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award)
  • Arab Council Australia (Health & Wellbeing Award)
  • NSW Gay and Lesbian Right Lobby (Community Organisation Award)
  • House of Priscilla (Business Award)


  • Stonewall Hotel (Business Award)
  • John O’Dea (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Gen Q at Regional Youth Support Services (Community Organisation Award)
  • Tommy Murphy (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award)
  • Susan Brooks (Community Hero Award)
  • Bill Whittaker (President’s Award)


  • The Bookshop Darlinghurst (Business Award)
  • Gail Hewison and Libby Silva (Business Person Award)
  • Bernie Green (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Tropical Fruits (Community Organisation Award)
  • Mark Alsop (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award)
  • Dave Sergeant (Community Hero Award)


  • Sue Wills and Lex Watson (Community Hero Award)
  • Reece Farmilo, Out Travel (Business Award)
  • Robert Hemburrow (Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Trevor Ashley (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award)
  • Queer Screen (Community Organisation Award)


  • Graeme Browning/Mitzi Macintosh – Performer, artist and fundraiser
  • Ken Davis – Political activist and LGBTQ historian


  • Peter Trebilco –Political activist and LGBTQ mental health advocate
  • Bruce Pollack – LGBTQ community activist and fundraiser 


  • Don Baxter – Leading HIV/AIDS activist and administrator
  • Jane Marsden – LGBTQ community activist and fundraiser