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The Honour Awards is an annual event produced by ACON and Aurora which acknowledges outstanding service to or achievement within NSW’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community. The Honour Awards provide NSW’s LGBTI community with an important and unique opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence and achievement within our community as well as the difference that particular individuals and organisations make in our lives.

Your Awards

The Honour Awards is a true community event because community members are able to nominate people or organisations they feel have provided leadership or achieved outstanding success within the LGBTI community OR have provided excellent service or made a significant contribution to the LGBTI community. Nominations can be submitted in seven categories with awards in:

  • Business
  • Media/Arts/Entertainment
  • Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Community Organisation
  • Young Achiever
  • Community Hero

Your Community

This year we’ve teamed up with some leading organisations who want to help make the Honour Awards a very special celebration of community spirit and service. Find out how you can support your community by contributing to the Charity Auction. 

Your Support

The Honour Awards is also a fundraising event for ACON and Aurora. ACON is NSW’s and Australia’s largest community-based LGBTI health and HIV/AIDS organisation. Every year, ACON has to raise in excess of $1million to finance many of our LGBTI health-related services. That’s because our core funding from NSW Health is dedicated to the delivery of HIV-related programs only. The Aurora Group is a charity, raising funds to disburse to gay, lesbian and transgender community organisations.

Find out how you can support your community by contributing to the Charity Auction. 


The Honour Awards began in 2007 as a special event to acknowledge people who have displayed exceptional commitment to and leadership within the LGBTI community. From 2007 – 2009, winners were selected by the ACON Board. In 2010 the format of the Awards changed and winners were selected from a list of nominees a panel of judges. The previous winners are:

  • Cheryl 'Webby' Webster (Community Hero Award 2014)
  • Brendan Maclean (Young Achiever Award 2014)
  • Bingham Cup Sydney 2014 (Community Organisation Award 2014) - for securing and organising the world's premier international gay rugby tournament, as well as launching the first international study for homophobia in sport, and producing an anti-phobia policy framework for Australian sport which has been adopted by all major sporting codes in the country
  • Archer Magazine (Media Award 2014)
  • John Frost (Arts/Entertainment Award 2014)
  • Ash Golsby (Cayte Latta Memorial Award for Visual Arts 2014)
  • Professor Andrew Grulich (Health and Wellbeing Award 2014)
  • Hellfire Club (Business Award 2014) - for making an outstanding contribution to the LGBTI, queer, and fetish communities over 20 years through culture, advocacy, health promotion, and sex positivity
  • William Yang won the Community Hero Award 2013
  • Bill Bowtell AO was honoured with the ACON President's Award 2013 in recognition of a lifetime dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Katherine Hudson and Scott Williams (Young Achiever Award 2013)
  • Paul Capsis (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award 2013)
  • Arab Council Australia (Health & Wellbeing Award 2013)
  • NSW Gay and Lesbian Right Lobby (Community Organisation Award 2013)
  • House of Priscilla (Business Award 2013)
  • Stonewall Hotel (Business Award 2012)
  • John O’Dea (Health and Wellbeing Award 2012)
  • Gen Q at Regional Youth Support Services (Community Organisation Award 2012)
  • Tommy Murphy (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award 2012)
  • Susan Brooks (Community Hero Award 2012)
  • Bill Whittaker (President’s Award 2012)
  • The Bookshop Darlinghurst (Business Award 2011)
  • Gail Hewison and Libby Silva (Business Person Award 2011)
  • Bernie Green (Health and Wellbeing Award 2011)
  • Tropical Fruits (Community Organisation Award 2011)
  • Mark Alsop (Media/Arts/Entertainment Award 2011)
  • Dave Sergeant (Community Hero Award 2011)
  • Sue Wills and Lex Watson (2010 Community Hero Award)
  • Reece Farmilo, Out Travel (2010 Business Award)
  • Robert Hemburrow (2010 Health and Wellbeing Award)
  • Trevor Ashley (2010 Media/Arts/Entertainment Award)
  • Queer Screen (2010 Community Organisation Award)
  • Graeme Browning/Mitzi Macintosh (2009) – Performer, artist and fundraiser
  • Ken Davis (2009) – Political activist and GLBT historian
  • Peter Trebilco (2008) –Political activist and GLBT mental health advocate
  • Bruce Pollack (2008) – GLBT community activist and fundraiser 
  • Don Baxter (2007) – Leading HIV/AIDS activist and administrator
  • Jane Marsden (2007) – GLBT community activist and fundraiser

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